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Our services


Certified freight forwarder, we offer regular sailings towards all destination in West Africa and ensure a quality and direct service.

We commit to ship your vehicles on the earliest possible date toward your selected destination.

For the transportation of your vehicles new and used, we offer a complete service including:

  • Vehicle reception
  • Preparation for Export
  • Road transport to port of Antwerp
  • Customs clearance
  • Insurance (Upon request)
  • Sea transportation
  • Cargo tracking
  • After sales services

Our rates are calculated based on the type of vehicle


Don’t hesitate do contact us regarding any information request and inquiry

Special Conditions : Access to terminal and cargo loaded inside of the vehicles : 

Port of Antwerp is applying very strict rules regarding import and export of vehicles. A new reglementation is applicable as from December 2020

For more information, thank you to refer to the Port of Antwerp Guidelines.

Warehouse parking conditions : 

Vehicles for export can can stay in our parking a maximum of 48 hours following their arrival. Exceeding this deadline, the vehicles will the invoiced at the rate of 12,5 € per day with a maximum of 3 months. (Following the agreement of the management). Exceeding this deadline, Karim Export can rightfully sell the units in order to cover parking costs.