Terms Of Use

Art. 1. Application

These general conditions apply to all orders sent to the SA KARIM EXPORT. They take precedence over the requirements of the customer, except in cases where the SA KARIM EXPORT would have expressly agreed in writing.

Art. 2. Transportation control of a vehicle
Transport control of a vehicle by the signing of a purchase order or by delivery to the EXPORT SA KARIM the original gray card and the bill of sale of the vehicle determined in a manner consistent.

Any transport control involves the application of general accordance with Article 1 conditions and the client irrevocably.

The client, physical or legal person, who requested that the transportation bill is established on behalf of a third party and / or ordering transport on behalf of a third party, remains jointly and severally liable for payment of transport.

Unless expressly accepted in writing by the EXPORT SA KARIM request, the client can not change the name of the recipient.

Art. 3. Cancellation of an order of a transport vehicle
In case of cancellation of transportation by the customer, it will have full right to EXPORT SA KARIM following amounts:

€ 100.00 in administrative costs;
€ 150.00 as cost of returning the port if the vehicle is docked;
€ 5.00 per day as parking fees.

A failure to pay the cancellation fee within 30 days of cancellation of the contract, the customer authorizes SA KARIM EXPORT selling the vehicle under transport to cover the cancellation fee.

Art. 4. Tarifs et frais supplémentaires
Les tarifs applicables par la S.A. KARIM EXPORT varient en fonction du transport souhaité et sont communiqués en Euro lors de la commande. La S.A. KARIM EXPORT se réserve le droit de modifier ses tarifs à tout moment en fonction de l’évolution des prix pétroliers et du cours du dollar US.

Tous les frais supplémentaires liés à la faute ou la négligence du client (tel que notamment véhicules en panne, les frais liés à des marchandises non déclarées, à la violation de la législation sur l’environnement, à des mesures non conformes avec celles du terminal et amendes éventuelles ) seront à charge du client.

Art. 5. Rates and additional costs
Vessel name and the dates of loading and unloading of goods are for illustrative purposes only. Of time limits does not commit the SA KARIM EXPORT and can not give rise to any compensation for delay.

Art. 6. Payment

Art.6.1. : Principles
Unless otherwise in writing and in the case of collect convention, placed with SA KARIM EXPORT orders are payable in cash.

Any order or invoice not paid when due shall automatically and without notice productive of a conventional interest of 1% per month of delay from the date of maturity, and will be increased by 15% right with a minimum of 50, - € as damages which should be added to any legal costs.

In addition, if payment is received within 5 working days from order transport or invoice, KARIM EXPORT SA reserves the right to consider transport as canceled by the client under the conditions specified in Article 2 .

When EXPORT SA KARIM decides not to use its right to consider transport as canceled and the transport remains unpaid more than 30 days after unloading the ship, the customer authorizes SA KARIM EXPORT keep the deposit and any to sell the goods to cover the cost of ocean freight and any additional charges provided for in Article 4, without recourse.

Art.6.2. : Collect
All goods must be paid no later than 30 days after discharge from the ship to destination.

Otherwise, the customer authorizes SA KARIM EXPORT to sell the goods to cover the cost of ocean freight and any additional charges provided for in Article 4 without recourse.

Art. 7. Responsibility
The goods travel at the risk of the customer even if the delivery is made ​​carriage. KARIM EXPORT SA declines any responsibility for it and its subcontractors for any damages (including: loss, damage, accidents, damage, breakage, ...) occurred before and after loading as well as during transport.

The client may, if desired, at his own expense insurance whose rates may be disclosed by the SA KARIMEXPORT.

In addition, the SA KARIM EXPORT disclaims any liability for the denial of loading do not comply with environmental legislation vehicles.

Art. 8. Bill of Lading
KARIM EXPORT SA reserves the right to suspend the delivery of the Bill of Lading until full payment of transport and any additional charges provided for
in Article 4. Furthermore, the SA KARIM EXPORT reserves the right to mention several vehicles on one Bill of Lading.

Art. 9. Conferral of jurisdiction and applicable law
Any dispute in any capacity whatsoever, even in cases of lis pendens or related actions, will the courts of the judicial district of Brussels, which apply Belgian law.